West Marches - Copenhagen

First Journey to the Frostvale
The Hunt for the Heavenly Light

Together with two soldiers from the TTC, one Dorian Ironspur and a sailor named Longshanks, and the Halfling cartographer and bard, Nimblefoot, I recently travelled to the Frostvale on behalf of a highpriest from Traders Point.

He claimed to have received some visions from his god, and that something, a message or an item, was waiting for him in this frozen region of the new world.
After a week of uneventful travels, we reached the mountains that encloses the Frostvale. Already on the first evening we saw evidence of a great white wyrm making its lair in the Vale. We also saw a great white beacon, like a pillar of heavenly light, emanating from somewhere in the back of the valley.

Upon entering the Vale we had a short skirmish with its servants, some sort of lesser frostdrakes, and we encountered some kind of fey creatures, native to these lands. They gave us directions and told us of the Vale and its inhabitants, and then we continued our search. We decided to travel around the territory of the “beaked bears” and towards the “moonchildren”, which possibly could help us. The fey had explained that the source of the light lay in the domain of the Cursed Maiden, and the Moonchildren could be persuaded to lead us there.

The Frostvale is home to many dangerous creatures, and in many ways feels quite like the snowclad peaks of my home. After an encounter with a giant furred serpent in a river, and a pack of Direwolves, we met Jorick and his pack of the Moonchildren, a proud tribe of bear-kin. They acknowledge us as great hunters, and took us to their village. Here, the elder of their tribe, agreed to let Jorick escort us through the icemists and to the edge of the Cursed Maidens lands, if we would prove ourselves as friends of the moonchildren. That was done by tracking and defeating an fireserpent, encroaching on the territory of the moonchildren.
The creature was a tough one, and it felled both Ironspur and Nimblefoot, before it could be brought down. We then brought its hide back to the Moonchildren and got a well deserved feast and rest.

The following day, Jorick escorted us through the Icemists, home of the suburban Fireserpents, and right to the edges of an old ruined city. Along the way I found traces of the cursed duegar, a blocked portal, that I surely must return to investigate sometime in the future. In the ruined city we found traces of the Cursed Maiden, icy statues that was the remnants of her adversaries. Apparently she could then take control of those same statues, for we were attacked by them and through them received an “invitation” to come to her.

The source of the heavenly light was deep in the ruins, and the way to it was blocked by the Cursed Maiden and her statues. She wanted revenge on the white dragon “White Flame” for cursing her, and so we promised her getting revenge over it, in return for passage to the light, were she herself could not go. Ironspur remained with the Cursed Maiden, as he would not pledge to involve himself with the dragon in the future.

We then travelled to the highest point in the temple, were a mighty winged creature, golden skinned and armed with a fiery sword, awaited us. It spoke of Trials of the Gods and the challenges to come. It then handed a glowing orb for us to return to the “most holy” in Traders Point, and flew to its home in the heavens. The mission was a success so far.

The Cursed Maiden, however, were not satisfied with Ironspurs choice, so she commanded her statues to kill him. Luckily we returned at the same time, and a battle broke out between us and the Cursed Maiden. She tried to run, but both Longshanks and Ironspur were on her, and as she was felled, her statues stopped moving.

We then returned to Jorick, who guided us out of the vale. I pledged to return there, to solve the mystery of the Duegar presence and, sometime in the future, to help slay the dragon.

Hereby ends the tale of my travels to Frostvale
Belgim, son of Greyfell, of Grimms Blood.

This new country is crazy! I like it.
New discoveries, Old Friends and Betrayal

First adventure note of Kek Marsh

I came here looking for my sister, to tell her our mother has finally passed away, and to join her in this new world of opportunities. I was not surprised to find out that she had foolishly thrown her life away in pursuit of a fight. It was unfortunate. Mostly because I had spent all I own traveling here and had expected that she could help me get my footing here.

I joined the first group of adventures that I found, somewhat desperate to earn some money and learn more of these lands. To my great despair it involved further sailing, so I endured another stretch of sailing. My stomach hadn’t even settled after the long trip to here, so in no time I was emptying my lunch again. I start to understand why my sister feared water this much.

After we finally landed we went into an old ruined town, where we encountered gray fey-like creatures that exploded in great flashes as we cut them down. We entered a portal in a ruined armory, using the fey-creatures broches to enter safely. For the most part. On the other side two great iron armors and a carpet suddenly animated. I was close to falling, but we destroyed them, even if they were difficult to defeat. After a rest we ventured into the forest, following black vines on the ground. It became more and more obvious that this was a fey realm we had entered.

We met some old human guards that one of the other adventures had known. They had been trapped in there for what was dozens of years for them. They ended up betraying us, so we had to kill them. When we stepped out of another portal we were back, but many days of journeying from Trader’s Point. Luckily we had obtained an item that helped us getting home earlier.

On our way home we encountered a great 4-armed troll that had attacked a caravan. After slaying it we retrieved it’s treasures and I am now the proud owner of a wonderful magical flail. With the gold we gathered and a loan from an old friend of my sister I also purchased armor to help me survive this place. If everything continues like this, I’m definitely going to need it.

The trek to the Gaseous Fern
From a work in progress

My short stay here in the West Marches has proven to be much more exciting than i initially expected. The drab Traders Point, while still posessing it’s charms, was no preparation for the beasts and foes that roam these yet untamed lands. Our assignment was fairly straightforward: Travel to the Gaseous Fern, find the ranger by the name Karlen, receive his reports and lend him whatever aid he may need.

Our group consisted of four individuals, my self included. The Lord Aeldis Sunstorm`, the fellow mage Emilia Brightstar`` and the warrior Hans von Heinrich, the latter whom i engaged in a rather heated debate about the future of two orcs and their stolen goods. Apart from that, tolerable company.

The journey to and fro was rather uneventful apart from the occasional goblin rider and carnivorous plant. A shadow on a hill tried to catch our attention, but since that was on our way home and we were beaten and tired, we decided to play our cards safe and ignore it.

Upon arrival we searched for the ranger, and eventually found him bunkered up, fairly well camouflaged. He offered us tea with quite a kick, gave us the reports, and a short review of the situation. His primary concern was a tribe of frogmen to the north, who’d taken a liking to his belongings and had proven a bit too bold to leave unchecked. We agreed to kill them.

Bullywogs, as the frogmen are named```, are a fascinating breed. The size of a bloated but average humanoid, shaped like a toad, incredible jumping potential, viscious but blunt bites which are all interesting features, but what intrigued me the most were their strange mockery of civilized society. Upon first contact with us, they bowed buffonishly, adressed us much like a herald would peasants, and even challenged us to trial by combat. I would have found them rather humorous if not for their repeated attempts at our lives, with trained proficiency, and their insidious sleep-inducing poison. Make no mistake, however, this is all a facade. Once their leader had been dispatched, the crowd regressed into a murderous mob of frothing animals, murdering and mutilating (i use the words literally here) each other before our very eyes, completely ignoring us.

Our job was done. Karlen thanked us for our aid, and we returned home to Traders Point. We divided the gold and items we had acquired along the way, Emilia and i exchanged notes and we all went each our way. Sitting here in the light of a fresh candle, belly filled, within the safety of four solid tavern walls, i would be hard pressed to leave again anytime soon.

But knowing myself, i am sure my curiosity will get the better of me.

I am honored to be your obedient servant;
Abjurer of Eivender
Simaunil Ilinsyral

`:Color me surprised to find a nobled Conduit in these marches! It is quite possible that he will prove to be my ticket home.
``:Only now in my hour of writing does her surnames strike me as ‘odd’, to say the least.
```: The bullywogs own language is a series of guttural croacks and burps, sometimes sounding like ‘Bullywog’. It’s easy to gather where the first explorers got their inspiration from.

A trip to below
By Baroth Tarkian

Greetings and salutations! Im writting this report not just for myself, but also to anyone who might wish to go swimming in waters just out of the docks of Traders point.

If you are not probably equipped I would advice to stay dry. Foul and evil monster lurks in the depths of the water. Things that can create undead to fight for them, or fishmen with the ability to command the predators of the sea.

I was lucky to have such great company when I travelled down there myself. We were five in total as I recall: A hafling actor by the name of Toeby, a former sailer known as Rokmor, a spellslinging fellow by the name of Raule and a beautiful water like humanoid… who I think is called a water genasi, with the name of Echo.

With the help of these people we managed to discover things that had been lost to the waves. Surely Echo was at home in her rightfull element.. the rest of us had to use a waterbreathing potion in order for us to.. well not die of course!

As stated.. travelled with caution, but as with anything else, if your foe is evil and preaches the voice of chaos: smite it down with your wrath! I promise that those beasts will meat my sword one by one.

uuh and one more thing.. if you are going underwater: Bring a trident they are really helpful

- Baroth Tarkien aka. Brightflame.

One Goes to Urogalan the Black Dog
The Death of Pegrinoc Tallborough

Pegrinoc Tallborough – Perry to his friends – is dead. The Stout Halfling Cleric of Arvoreen died as he lived, with nary a thought spared to his own preservation and knee-deep in the blood of the enemies of Halfling-kind. He died only inches from his black war-mastiff, whom he had named Urogalan with respect to the Halfling death-god of the same name. Perhaps the old superstitions are true then, and a black dog does herald the death of a Halfling.

But death was not an unwelcome thing. Perry greeted it as an old friend. Now he goes to be with the Children of Yondalla. Now he goes to be one of the Watchers on the Wall alongside Arvoreen, the god he had served so well in life. And in his wake many hundreds of Halfling shall come to the new world, and make a new Halflinghome. Never fear death old friends, but think of it as a loyal companion and dear friend. Like a black dog that watches warily.

Syllin Log 2

We were tasked with finding a suitable location for your lumbermill in Sky Weirdwood
Led by a couple of beta males i found myself having to do the figthing, they are a disgrace to their gender.
Again iw as taksed with making a map. I did.
We found tracks that led past a natural thorn wall. We found a clear opening behind the wall, fine for establishing a lumbermill.
We followed the path (Aslinas tracks)
And found a ankeg cave. Willam the weaker of the two beta males, led us to its cave, only to disturb the beast and have it attack us. The two beta males with out thinking murdered the poor defenceless monster.
It was a mother of two eggs, And i put a curse on William for leading us here, as he has defiled Aislains will, and killed a mother protecting her child.
As an egg carrier i took the now dead mothers eggs and will raise her children till they can walk by thier own volition.
We carried on and founda crying lady, she was an undead so in alsians name i slew her. Both of the beta males were too scared of the undead lady to fight her, so i had to purge this unatural being on my own.
Then we founda fort at the end of Aslinas tracks. It should provede walls to prteoct your weaklings, so that they my harves lumber.
It was infested by Azers an elemental race. They were being hunted and hid behind the walls like the prey they are, The beta males would not slay this prey. Instead they wanted to help them run away.
Some flying eye protected the artifact that could lead the Azers home. William was helpless agianst it and stimply stood dumbfonded and did nothing, even with my master plan of using anture as an ally. Reese managed to engage the flying eye in combat, but proved too weak to win and fell.
He is strong and a hunter and fell hunting prey, so i decided to save his life.
Then i killed the Eye using magic.
The two beta males helped the azers leave into the earth and we went back to your camp.

Syllin Log 1

You gave me a map, and told me to write things on it.
Then we met a gnoll. he had a smaller pack than ours, he was destoryed and his pack sacrifices to Aislain.
I marked the rock of the gnoll on the map.
We found a small castle, it was occupied by weaklings, seeking shelter from the wild, evne tho they were monsters.
Then we met another weakling, som red lizard folk. He was too cowardly to fight himself and begged us cryingly to kill the king in the castle. Which we were going to do anyway.
We threatened his life and he begged us to spare him. I woulda sacrificed him to Aislain but your alpha decided he could live if he proved his worth.
He would not, and he used to only talent a dog has, sniffing out worthless traps. He also told me about some ancient treasure, i makred it on the map. Apparently and acnient temple amde of pure gold guarded only by a single goblin.
Then he left and we mad our way into the castle.
Here we we slayed and murdered all of the kings weak citizens, which he lifted no finger to protect. Disgusting weakling.
Then we entered his thone room. Our alpha challenged thier king to a duel, and the fought poweruflly agianst one another, until the weak cowardly king begged and cried, only to force his own subjcts into death. They are all dead now and we desecrated their weak gods alters and it is now a temple to Aislain!
Then we took their stuff and went home.

- Syllin Weirdwood

Journal writting nr. 40: Skywood - An attempt of expantion
Beholders everywhere

What the hell is up with this land?! if one flying eyeball thing was not enought just bring more.. Im getting ahead of myself.

So Traders point ordered us.. a small group to venture into Skywood once again. This time with the plan of expanding the company and settle up a lumber mill inside. Now the quest was to get in, secure a piece of land and then, in time, transport lumber from the woods to traders point.

The travelling went fairly well. Being a smaller group we did not encounter much more than a frost wolf on the way. As we entered the skywood we were meet with a huge tree wall.. unable to climb it we had to find another way around in order for us to go further in. With some good tracking we found some beast tracks that we could follow. Upon doing so we encounted a slained doe that had been ripped apart by something large, not much time went by before it attacked us from the ground. A huge mantit like creature grappled me into submission. Before it could bite me however I was saved by the others. it almost looked like a huge ant. We defeated the creature and the druid took the eggs that the femaled had guarded.. claiming that they had to have the chance to survive.

After some time we came to what I can only describe as a burned down house.. pretty unfitting place to have such a structure. As we entered its “base” we were attacked by a ghastly woman figure.. a vile and terrifying being known as a banshee. It was a challenging foe to beat. It had the power to strike fear to anyone who gazed at it.. but that was not all. One of its abilities were a scream so cruel that it could almost kill anyone within its reach. Luckly we made it and the banshee were vanquished.

As we procseeded further on we came to a river. On the other side of it was a hill surrounded by trees.. and untop of the hill as a fortyfied fortress. It seemed that we had found what we were looking for. This place would be perfekt for the company. A fallen tree had made itself into a bridge that we could cross without any sort of problems.

As we went closer to the fortress we saw that it was enhabited by some form of dwarfs.. or elementals called Azers. The seemed on guard and frigthen of something.
We made ourselfs known to them.. since the druid were fairly sure that they were not hostile towards us.. she was right.

They had been hidding from the sky elfs. A door to there mountain had been sealed and they could not enter the code in order to open it again. The door being inside the fortress itself. We were given the rest of the code and had to find a special pen that the Azer knew about. Ofcourse they did not talk the common tounge so there directions was abit hard to understand. We agreed to help them open the door and help them home.. in exhange for the fortress. They agreed to the arrangment.

We travelled to the location as promised. And indeed we encountered the pen.. but also.. its guardian. The Azer had describted the being as a creature with four eyes and the ability to fly. The guardian was a green flying meat head with a eye and three others on tentacles. A beholder of sorts.. but smaller. We tried to outsmart it with fog magic and ranged attacks. But it had the ability to instantaniosly look at us and either confuse os or paralyze us! The situation became dire.. and it seemed like the monster would kill us all. At one point I stepted out of the druids magical made fog to shoot it down, but it was waiting for me. It blasted me two times with its eyes and everything went dark.

I do not remember anything after this. Other that I woke up in the Azer camp. The druid and the rouge had defeated the beholderkin and claimed the pen, but could did not had the time to find anything else. As we tried to write the missing code rune, the door opened and the Azer returned to the underground, thanking us for our help.
Badly hurt and unable to go back to the monster to search for more loot, we decided to return to Traders point and report about our findings. We came back safely.

The treasure is still out there somewhere.. hopefully one day I can go back and see if there is anything to it. For now it seemes like Traders point has a great oppotunity to set up the lumber mill at the fortress. All that is needed is the guards to manning the pallisades.. and the builders to build it.

- Rees

Journal writting nr. 39: Skywood and the search for Lorenze
Watch the mist

My first trip to skywood were, at first, a more welcoming mission to be handed. I was tired of the cold and somewhat desolate mountains of the pass of whispers and needed something else.

Before we could get into the skywood tho.. we had encountered a huge horde of witherlings.. Gnoll undeads who had been maimed and slain in life by there kin and then raised as horrific undeads.

But as a team we managed to cross the horde into skywood. Something kept them out of the forest.. something that hindered them from entering. We needed someone to watch them so the dwarf ranger stayed back to secure the border.

As we travelled in I took in the fresh air of the pine trees and the smell og moss under my boots. We walked for hours without finding any sign of Lorenze.. other than a bunch of tracks.. leading nowhere. We encounted a strange elven figure whom we tried to talk to. As we camped the elf stayed with us.. claiming that she had fallen down from the high trees and was hunted.. but we discovered that she.. was not the hunted.. we were to be. In the night the elf transformed into this ogre like creature with horns. an Oni.

It’s sudden transformation took us by suprise but with skill and teamwork we slayed the beast. Suddenly after more elfs arrived.. still touched by the adrenaline inside me from the battle I was hesitante to trust them.. but saw little choice in fighting them at our current state. The elfs took us to the top of the trees. They had lived up there for thousands of years and held us captive until trust was asured.

We were offered food.. I ate none.. drank none..as the only one. my travelling companions did not hold back. We were eventually guided into the throne room where we suddenly were greeded as way more than prisoners. They told us to feast with them and that they would let us go in the direction of where Lorenze and his scouting party went..
Again I was the only one who did not touch the food nor the drinks.. a wise choice since all of the others felt down from there chairs.. they had been poisoned. As i discovered this I was quickly knocked out and when I woke, we were in a pit. The elfs wanted to feed us to there gods. a huge moss creature emerged out of the dirt.. a Shambling mount. It’s attacks were viscious and it was surely a challenge to overcome.. but the elfs did not expect that our strenght were that great so they interfered.
We managed to slay the mount, clearely with a advantace over them, we ordered the elfs to lay there weapons and surrender, but they did not resulting in there death.

Upon looting the mount we found a skull who could only had been the skull of Lorenze, the two golden teeths were still in there. We had our prove and had to return back to traders point and claim our reward. As we stumbled upon a chest, guarded by a wodden sentinal figure. We engaged it and took up its trial of strenght. Some of us were hit with its mighty club. Hope seemed far away and failure were the only option. But with a last shoot to its core I managed to slay the guardian. With gathered strenght it layed there beated and the treasure was ours.

We managed to reach Traders point unharmed. Hopefully this report can help other adventures prepare what what to encounter in there.

- Rees

Blackmantle Travel Logs, Volume 1, Chapter 2: 'A New Friend Lost to the New World'
By Erevan Blackmantle

You know what they say, if you want to find Griffon eggs you will have to take the initiative yourself. I did, though sadly it resulted in a somewhat unsatisfactory conclusion. No Griffon eggs found this time around, a new friend dead far from his home, and something of a curse placed upon myself – or rather taken upon myself as a burden.

Somewhat against my better judgment, my half-brother Joren A. M. Silvermantle joined me on this venture. He was rather insistent, so I let him along. Truth be told I did not know he had followed me here, although it seems based on his own admittance that our shared father sent him. That’s not a surprise I suppose, Joren never had much initiative, he was too busy complaining about the fortunes of others to make any for himself. Not that he needed to, being the heir.

He brought along a bannerman of my father, a Mr. Fochs if I am not incorrect. We were joined also by a gnome private investigator by the name of Namfoodle Glitterhands Glitterhand – or I should say, I hired Glitterhand to help me retrieve the Griffon egg (what better burglar than someone who catches them?) Arinn Helios, my Aasimar friend whom I ventured with in the past, closed out the quintet, although to this day I wish that he had not – I suppose I will for some time.

We were going – predictably – to Mount Gryphon. If that place has no Griffon nests I’d be very surprised indeed, the name has to come from somewhere. We planned to camp for the night at The Warrior, though much to our consternation we were attacked in the dark of the night by a beast most ferocious. I had never seen such a scaly, lizardlike abomination in all of my days. We dispatched it, although the fight was not easy.

Nevertheless we carried on. Climbing the mountain we came upon a Yeti, and unlike most of our foes it seemed to have enough awareness of tactical combat situations to go for the rear, where our mages gathered – much to my frustration. This beast, too, was dispatched, and we managed to arrive at a cavern that seemed to lead closer to our planned destination (the peak) – so we entered. There we found a rather curious creature, a bird-man hybrid who spoke only in the air-tongue (which I spoke, with magical assistance, as did Arinn without).

This place was a puzzle, of a sort, though we sadly never discerned much of its purpose. I understand that our gnomish detective kept rather detailed notes, and should have a working understanding of its nature. I never was much for notes – I’m an arcanist, but I’m hardly a scholar like some of my colleagues.

Entering one room, more or less by random choice, we came upon treasures. Sadly, my insipid half-brother – overcome by his greed – was smitten with one particularly vile-looking knife. Another of our companions (I believe it was Mr. Fochs, although my memory escapes me) took the knife to stop a looming fight between our detective and my half-brother. This awakened the arms and armor of the room, which soon turned to attack us.

In this fight, we lost Arinn. He died, and he should not have. I am still distraught at my inability to do anything. Arinn had sworn an oath, and I knew he could not enter the afterlife without having fulfilled it. This meant someone had to carry it, or he’d be caught in Limbo forevermore. I could not let that happen. I took the Oath of the Guardian upon myself, and the mark that Arinn bore now rests on my neck. A shield of a glyphic, Gith design.

Our way back was without incident. We chose to abandon the quest, not to lose more. Arinn will have his eternal rest, but there is no reason for us to send more that way anytime soon. I will have my Griffon egg, I will not let Arinn’s death be in vain. But I will not be rash and irresponsible.


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