Aukan Dawnbringer of Vanakanathi

Goliath Paladin of Limalia


Aukan stands 8 feet tall and weighing a solid 300 pounds.
He is extremely thickly muscled and weighs well over 650 pounds. He is bald and has white eyes. His skin is grey and banded in thick black tattoos from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, including his face, neck, and hands. In a necklace, he carries a holy symbol of his goddess, Limalia. Alongside him he carries a big maul and he wears an old but well-polished chain mail and a crude leather belt with a longsword sheathed and a shield strapped to his back.


Aukan (formally; Aukan Dawnbringer of Vanakanathi, born free on the peaks of Varrowstad, Brother to Khetevan Hammerthrower) Born in the cold and unforgiving territory of Varrowstaad mountains to the Vanakanathi tribe, a small group of worshippers of the Queen of Trials, Limalia. He quickly distinguished himself from his hearth-brethen as more than just a proficient warrior and devoted his life to serve as a paladin of Limalia. He now travels the world, seeking to face and overcome any trials his queen may send his way so that one day, he will lift his stone of burdens and enter the Court of Trials.

Aukan Dawnbringer of Vanakanathi

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