Erevan Blackmantle

A half-elven bastard of the Tyrbaldic Silvermantle family of nobility, now seeking his own base of power.


Erevan was born to the Lord Silvermantle, Baron of the Silvermantle Keep that overlooks and protects certain valuable (if not altogether vital) mining operations in the Principality of Tyrbaldt. However, Erevan was not born to the Lady Silvermantle, but rather the elven Diplomat known by the name Shaërieé Xiloscient.

Since his childhood Erevan was educated with Xiloscient as a mentor and taught many things of the disparate nations and cultures of the world, but he only came to understand that he was a bastard child of the Lord Silvermantle when he was already an adult. When this realisation dawned on him, he started going by the surname of Blackmantle, to signify his estrangement from the noble family he was ostensibly born to, and his resultant lack of any true inheritance or title.

Determined to create a name for himself, and to disprove the notion that there are no Noble half-elves, Blackmantle has entirely spurned the idea of inheritance as a method of personal advancement. Not content to live off the crumbs thrown to him in pity by his noble father, Erevan argues that since his mother, too, is a noble (at least he believes this to be the case) he has right of conquest and must take up the sword (or rather, spell) to conquer what he does not have.

In the West Marches, he will forge a new path for himself, and a future for the Blackmantle name.

Erevan Blackmantle

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