Rasin Vez

If there was only three of us, we'd get a bigger share


Level 1 Bard
Chaotic Evil
Background: Criminal
Age: 372
Skin color: Dark grey
Hair:long thick white
Eyes: Purple
Languages: Common + elf (Drow, undercommon?)
AC: 14
HP: 11

Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 16 (3)
Constitution: 14 (
Intelligence:10 (0)
Wisdom: 10 (
Charisma: 16 (+3)

Acrobatics: +5
Slieght of hand: +5
Stealth: +5
Perception: +2
Deception: +5
Persuasion: +5

Saving Throws
Dex: +5
Cha: +5

Features and Traits
Sunlight blindness
Dark vision 120feet
Cham resistant
Card proficientcy
Violin prof(?)


The circumstances of my birth elude me. Which likely means i was born into a drow noble house. Being a son of a matriach only has two outcomes. Hell on earth or being dumped onto the street.
Most drow sons are enlisted in the army. Here they either show promise and become an assassin, are forced to serve as short lvied meatshields for athe heirophants, or they are so worthless they are sold as plseasure or gladiator slaves. I was among that last worthless lot.
My comlete ineptitude at anything combat related, left me to be trained as a pleasure slave. And so i was for many years.

In the pleasure house i was trained by an vicious woman. I and 7 other boys were beaten, worked and trained, in a sense meant to break us. We were to know nothing but the sound of a mistress. Most boys break and become simple whores, how ever those, such as myself, who find a way to cope with this terrible existance, we become valuable. We are those who are allowed to keep our abillity to reproduce, and sold as, what the overworld would know best as pets. Pets you breed.

I coped thought those many many years by shutting down. I did not feel pain giref or anything really. I merely obeyed any command and expected to be punished for it. Because punishment was envitable. I was no long a man but a puppet.

I was to be sold toa noble drow mistress, but as she tested me she found that i lacked passion and lust. I was knew what to do and how, but i did not make her feel special. My one purpose was to serve and i told her i wish to learn these things. She bought me as she wished to train me herself, and she taught me about emotions, and i learned to fake them.

After many years, i was stil empty on the inside, but i was the only one who knew. most of the drow i interacted with truely beleived i had a personality. One would think i was a sniveling salve, other thought me a stout young man and some even thought i was truly inlove with my mistress. Just as she did. That was her mistake.

On the night were she was to be the most fruitful i was brought to her chamber. My mistress and the chambermaids had no fear of me, the thought me fully devout. I have to admit i even fooled myself, When i grabbed the fruit knife and drove it into her unprotected throat it was not planned, It was a lash of anger at almsot a 100 years of abuse. The chambermaids shrieked and I ran.

The pleasure house i trined in is alot like a bardic college on the surface, even if the endresults are different. With little stealth and a few illusions an only two more deaths i managed to escape the city. I had heard stories of the over world, and i had heard legends of ways to get there.

My life on the surface was delightful, there were no punishments, no physical abuse, while many stared at me in malcontempt they did not hit me if i left fast enough. And most palces i could simply give people the impression i was a nice person.

I know how to blend in, i know how to seem happy and I can read a persons mimic and deshifer thier mood. I pretend to be someone.

Rasin Vez

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