Ulfgar Beardfish

Lvl 4 Druid of the Moon Circle, Hill Dwarf




comes from a family of druids, his father was the Beardfish clan head’s druid, and his father before him. It was also planned for Ulfgar to become the next head druid of the clan, but his heart lead him elsewhere, or rather his stomach did.

At a young age, Ulfgar grew fond of cooking, baking, and brewing. Anything that could delight the taste buds and leave him and his fellows with a full stomach and a grin on their face. Adamantly he pursued the culinary arts and joined a artisan guild as a chef, he catered for roaring feasts, simple taverns on the road, and even to a king and queen.

His passions for finding new ingredients, game, herbs and spices of a new land together with the idea of perhaps expanding his skill as a druid he decided to brave to the new world and see what splendors it has to offer.

Ulfgar Beardfish

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