Narrative Arcs

Narrative Arcs

Narrative Arcs are overarching storylines in the West Marches – Copenhagen, campaign. They are the main narrative and resemble a series of main quests in video games. All participants of the campaign can take part in these arcs, to any degree they wish. They are designed by the Game Master(s) (however the responsibility of designing and facilitating a specific Narrative Arc could be delegated to a Main Dungeon Master of a given Arc), but the adventures within the Arcs can be played out with anyone as the Dungeon Master.

Each Arc is divided into chapters, which are then divided into missions, when every mission of a chapter is complete, the next chapter (and its missions) is revealed. Any participant can act as Dungeon Master of these missions.


The chapters represent a part of the overall story of the Narrative Arc. Each chapter will consist of three to five missions that has a common theme. When completed they will change the new world to some degree, which will benefit the player base.


Each mission will have a teaser, and a mission statement. The teaser will be available for everyone to give people an idea of what the adventure is going to be about. When people are done signing up the DM should contact a GM, who will deliver the mission statement to the Dungeon Master, it should be used as inspiration for the running the adventure and will contain world changes unlocked by completion of this mission.

If the adventure is successful and the group completes the mission, the Dungeon Master and the players will together write up a 200 word summary of the mission and they will be granted one additional valour point (in addition to the ones the players can receive from normal write ups), these write ups should be submitted to the Game Master (or the Main Dungeon Master of the given Arc), who will make sure they are proofread and submitted to the Wiki page of the Narrative Arc.

The passsing of time

The time spent adventuring on the Narrative Arc mission, will be the time, which indicates time passing in the World. Example: If an adventuring party spends 8 -in-game days completing a mission, the calendar will then, upon completion, progress 8 days.

List Of Narrative Arcs

The Prophecy of ZelChan – Active

The prison of ZelĀ“Chan had weakened, and just as he was about to break free, a small group of adventurer released him from the shackles, just as the prophecy had foretold. The Guardian has chosen to carry their burden and they have chosen the Seer. The sight of the Seer has been taken, but their eyes have been opened to the prophecy. Now the Executioner, the Redeemer and the Seeker must step forward and carry their part in the burden.

Domesticating the Wilderness – Active

The time has come to build on this new land. Encampments must be made and fortification of TraderĀ“s Point is essential for civilization to thrive. In this Arc the characters will carry out mission to establish small settlements all across the New World as well as fortifying and building Trader’s point into a city.

Narrative Arcs

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