Welcome to the West Marches

A new land has risen from the sea, with it, it has brought mysteries and traces of an ancient civilization. Explore the ruins of an long lost empire and maybe, just maybe find the reason for its descent and reappearance. The Old Kingdoms have sent out you, an adventurer, to explore, map and secure this new continent.

West Marches Copenhagen is a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign that uses “West Marches” style of play.

What is West Marches

  • In the west marches the players take on the role as an adventurer. Something inside of you have drawn you to this unexplored region of the world and you are here to explore. As a player it is your task to find an adventuring group, find a landmark on the map, coordinate with a dungeon master and journey into the wild to explore this location.
  • We wish to try and make West Marches a place where adventurers mingle, and we hope that you will all help us do this. So try not to go with the same people all the time, mix it up and bring along a new guy or two or three or… well, you get the point. Who knows? You might find you really enjoy playing together!
  • The world is evolves as the adventures are played out. Player made changes will impact how the world develops.
  • Information is always shared with everyone.
  • We are here to have fun and tell fantastic stories, don’t be a prick.
  • Everyone is welcome to join.


West Marches – Copenhagen is a large-scale Dungeon & Dragons 5e campaign, it sets in a classic fantasy world that is co-created by the players. In our game, a new continent has risen from the sea, the Tyrbaldt Charting Company (TCC) are sponsored adventurers to explore this “New World”, in this game you play those adventurers. The TCC’s and the character’s base of operations is a settlement called Trader’s Point, from here the adventurers can form groups and venture in to the uncharted lands. They do this by going out and exploring lard marks, mapped in early scouting missions, these are found on a big map that the TCC has placed in the “town” square.

The West Marches game-style differs from the classic way of playing table top rpg, it strives to remove some of the responsibility from the DM and make a player driven game:

  • The game is driven by the players, they decide where to go and what the mission will be, they are responsible for their own characters narrative!
  • Each session will have a different constellation of characters (and players).
  • As a rule of thumb, each session starts and ends in the Trader’s Point.
  • There are more than one Dungeon Master, each DM is only responsible for the session at hand.

How to start playing

  1. Create a level 1 D&D 5e character. (We will try to regularly host workshops, to help people out).
  2. On the map, pick a land mark to explore! (or sign up join another player in their quest!)
  3. Coordinate with the people, you want to bring for your mission. (But be wary, don’t bring a lawful stupid slayer of all evil and darkness to negotiate peace with the evil army of darkness).
  4. Go on adventure, have fun, play Dungeons & Dragons.
  5. Write a short report to the TCC, tell the DM to update the map (if needed).
  6. Repeat if you found it fun.

It is the first time we are trying anything of this size, so if you have any questions or ideas, we appreciate all kinds of input! (yes even just: “this is shit”, because if we know something is shit, we can try to change it.)

Explore the world, by building it!

All the lore in our world is co-created by the players, the only rule: there is no objective truths.
You can read what we have so far, on the wiki or just take a look at the maps!