Domesticating the Wilderness

Domesticating the Wilderness

The time has come to build on this new land. Encampments must be made and fortification of Trader´s Point are essential for Civilization to thrive. In this Arc the characters will carry out mission to establish small settlements all across the new world as well as fortifying and building Trader’s point into a city.

Chapter 1 – Active

To the South!

Teaser: An encampment to the south is needed, protect and travel with a TCC caravan to a suited location near the Whitefroth and secure it while fortifications are made.

Solving a Murder

Teaser: One of the TCC officials has been found murdered in his lodgings. It is essential that who ever committed this crime are found in a swift and silent manner.

Fortifying Trader´s Point

Teaser: Trader´s point are facing dangers from all sides, it is time for it to become more than just a fortified encampment. Walls and proper houses must be buuild, we need to secure the stone and take care of the logistics, while protecting the encampment from outsiders.

Estimating the Hobgoblin trouble.

Teaser: The clan of the crow has been gathering an army in the canyon of crows, we must find a way to get rid of this thread, so we can send encampments mission to the west and north.

Domesticating the Wilderness

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