Player's Guide

Player´s guide to West Marches

Participant’s Roles

As this campaign is growing, and to clear up some confusion about the distribution of responsibility in the campaign, here is a list of the roles as we, the organisers intended them to be when we started this project.

Players – A player is basically anyone who participates in the campaign while in the control of a single player character (PC). They assume the traditional role of tabletop roleplayers. You are allowed to have up to two active characters at the time, but may only bring out one of them on a mission during a single session. The players are responsible for their own character’s narrative but should expect to be surprised by a big twist from your background story unless you planned it yourself (yes you can be surprised ingame, by something you planned offgame #transparencyforthewin).

Coordinating Player – The coordination player is a player who has responsibility for facilitating a given session. Their character is in charge of the ingame mission, they act as the “quest giver” for the rest of the characters and the mission should have some degree of personal tie to the character. It is also their responsibility to provide the DM with a description of the desired mission/quest in advance.

Dungeon Masters (DM) – Is the game organizer and participant in charge of creating the details and challenges of a given mission/quest. A mission is almost always played out during a single session. The DMs are encouraged to be creative and personalise the adventures for the characters as much as possible.

Game Master (GM) – The main organiser of this campaign. My responsibility is the overall design. This includes but is not limited to: creating the lore about the New World, running the overall narrative, writing rules, reviewing Character Option content for campaign legalisation, creating homebrew content, maintaining the wiki and administration/moderation of the facebook forum.

Contact the GM
You are always welcome to contact me with whatever you might have on your mind; you can reach me at

Getting Started

  1. Read Lore you should know & this guide.
  2. Create a level 1 D&D 5e character. (We will try to regularly host workshops to help people out).
  3. On the map, pick a landmark to explore! (or sign up join another player in their quest!)
  4. Coordinate with the other participants
    1. In the facebook group, make a post that states: where you want to go and which date you wish to play.
    2. Coordinate with the people you want to bring for your mission. (But be wary, don’t bring a lawful stupid slayer of all evil and darkness to negotiate peace with the evil army of darkness).
  5. Playout the session.
  6. Write a small resume of your adventure.
  7. Repeat if you found it fun.

Rules of Play

In addition to the rules of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, there are small set of rules that is regulation the play of this campaign.

  • Loot should be divided as equally as possible – Dividing loot can lead to discussion, both in and out of the game, please remind yourself that this just a game and that all magic items are nice to have, that being said, just because the rouge is the only party member that uses short swords, doesn’t mean that they are entitled to both of the +1 shorts swords, that miraculously appeared. It is my suggestion that those who receive magic items forego a significant amount of their share in the collected valuables.
  • Consent, from both players, are required before any player vs player action can take place – This is both the case if two characters wants to settle their dispute through a duel or if the wizards wants to throw a fireball at the mob of goblins that the fighter just happens to be in the midst of.
  • All information is shared – There are no secrets between the players, there might be secrets between the characters, but not between the players. The main reason is that all possible plot hooks should should be shared to the entire player base, so that everyone can take part in the stories the dungeon masters are telling.

Player's Guide

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