The Queendom of Tyrbaldt

Tyrbaldt, or officially the Queendom of Tyrbaldt, is the largest nation with territory in the west center of The Old Kingdoms. It lies west most part of the Old Kingdoms, towards the New World and is therefore the ideal place to stage a colony effort. The country’s official language is Tyrbaldic and is also considered Common in entirety of The Old Kingdoms (spread by trade).

Loyalty is one of the main virtues of the country, however rebellion for a just course is romanticised, if the rebels wins.

The two major races in Tyrbaldt are humans and dwarfs.


Lordship Hierarchy

The majority of the Tyrbaldic nobles are descendants of Tyrbal, the Regnant Consort of the High Queen and has his blood in their veins. This is required in order to obtain any station of real political power.

High Queen

The official title of the Divine Queen Regnant, Mairedd. However she rarely interferes with the mortal world and let’s the Princess/Prince Regnant, rule in her place. In actuality

Princess/Prince Regnant

The only unique title (besides from High Queen) in the Tyrbaldic, they are the practical/mortal ruler of the nation. Considered “Chosen of the High Queen”, currently this position belongs to the Starstone-family (formerly known as the Steelstone-family), who took the power from the Brightstar-dynasty in the recent Steelstone Insurrection by allying with Aranië Anar.


A holder of a duchy, called a Duke or a Duchess. This is the highest noble title in Tyrbaldt and holds immense political power.

Each of the duchies consists of a number of counties.


A holder of county, is called a Count or a Countess. This title ranges in political power.

Each of the counties consists of a number of baronies.


A count that holds of a county, that lies on a border to a foreign nation, in times of war, the holder the of this title has the same say as the holder of a duchy in times of war and answers only to the reagent.

The only nobles in the realm that are allowed to establish and maintain a standing army.


A holder of a county, whom has no trace of Tyrbaltic blood in their veins. The highest title you can obtain as a foreign noble without Tybaldic blood. This is a rather rare title.


The lowest title given to landholding nobility in Tyrbaldt, has almost no political power, but administers the land.

Flexible Titles

Arch Duke/Duchess – If the hold a duchy is married to the regnant.

Consort – If duchess marries a commoner, that commoner becomes a Duchal Consort and would also become a Lord.

Royal Baron or Ducal Baron – If the holders barony, is answering directly to respectably the regnant or a duke, but the territory is still the size of a barony.

House Hierarchy

All nobles are referred to as Lords and Ladies.

Lord/Lady of the House

Head of the Household, the active holder the noble title (Baroness, Countess, Duchness, etc.)

Always of noble birth.


The firstborn legitimate child to household, heir to the noble title.

Always of noble birth.

Rest of Family

The remaining kin of the Lord/Lady of the house,

Either of noble birth or a consort.


Holds the title Sir/Dame, a warrior who has arguably proven their worth to the house and has sworn fealty to the House.

Can belong to an order of knights.

There must be a Priest or Cleric of Tyrbal or Mairedd overseeing the knighting and providing the holy components for the ceremony.

One of the few ways for a commoner to become noble, always earned and given by the Lord/Lady of the House.


A person of noble blood seeking to become a knight, most squires are granted the position by a knight following the request of their parents. There are older nobles that becomes squires of their own initiative. The position of squire can be obtained no earlier than age 15, anyone younger would be a page, by the request of their parents.


A young person of noble blood seeking to become a knight, most pages are granted the position by a knight following the request of their parents, pages can be as young as age 8, however most are around 11 when first inducted.

House Mage

Can be noble, of a different house

House Chaplain

Cleric or Priest

Can be noble, of a different house



Master at Arms (Captain)


Lieutenant at Arms (Lieutenant)

Household Guards

Men at Arms (Soldier)




The administrator of the household and the estate.

Can be noble, of a different house

Estate Servants




Kingkneel Day

On Kingkneel Day, which occurs once every ten years, it is considered good form in the otherwise rather secular Tyrbaldt to pray throughout the day. Though it is technically against the laws not to do so, these laws are considered archaic and are very rarely upheld by the Watch of any Tyrbaldic city. Throughout Kingkneel day, the reigning Princess Regnant is expected to be dressed in humble clothes and praying among her subjects – hearkening back to Tyrbal, the King Who Knelt.


The date of the Star-Wedding is a cause for great celebration, and it occurs once every year on the winter equinox. The people of Tyrbaldt light candles in every home, sing songs, and celebrate both the marriage of Mairedd and Tyrbal as well as the creation of Old Tyrbaliae – and therefore the modern state of the Principality of Tyrbaldt. It is considered proper for the reigning Princess Regnant to hold a speech to the peers of the realm – the nobility – taking account of what has happened since the last date of the Star-Wedding. These royal courts are an excellent way for nobles to stay in contact with each other, and in the thick of aristocratic intrigue.


The Crownlands

Lands owned by the royal household.

Example of Crownland holdings

The Royal Barony of Etheinn

Administered by the Silvermantle family. Main source of iron mining in the realm and the only place besides Thad Blanakh that has a considerable weapon production (this is the main reason for the royal claim to the land).

This is why the Silvermantle family has power, despite just holding the title of (royal) baron, if you are noble and you want to outfit your military, you deal with the the dwarfs or with the Silvermantles.





Thad Blanakh, the Dwarflands

Home to the majority of the Tyrbaldtic, is a hilly and mountains, with some access to the sea. In ancient times this used to be a Dwarvish kingdom, but it became a vassal state, when they needed military support from the Queendom.

Their main export is rare metals, master crafter weaponry and siege engines.

Dwarwes that commits crimes is other regions of the country is usually, extradited and exiled to Thad Blanakh, where the Ironfist Clan, current ruler of the Duchy, often comes down hard on those that break the law.






The Knights of Tyrbaldt

All orders are gender neutral but the name is determined by the gender of the founder

Sisterhood of the Star-Metal Crown

Very early in the Tyrbaldic history a prince regnant was slain by a red dragon, on the battlefield and the dragon claimed the crown for it’s hoard. Dame Caranyl Highbarrow set out, slew the dragon and return the crown to the princess. Since then the Sisterhood has served the throne as the Queensguard.

The only individuals outside the royal house, that are allowed to use a crown in their heraldry.

Sisterhood of the Crimson Blade

Brotherhood of the Blazing Sun

Brotherhood of the Dusk Rose


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